Patek Philippe Experts

As an accredited business, patek philippe experts can tell you that in years past if someone was wanting to sell a Patek Philippe they were limited to either a local buyer or an auction house.  Finding a local Patek Phillipe buyer is difficult because safely locating a buyer in a local market area is a daunting task.  There are scams where potential buyers pass bad certified checks, use counterfeit money or plan to outright steal.  Without patek philippe experts, dishonest buyers can also mis-identify a watch as an act to pay less money.

As some of you know selling a Patek through an auction house has its own inherent problems. *Top rated auction houses do have patek philippe experts but importantly is the auction house fees, up to 30% of the gross sale as a seller fee. There are also other seller fees like photography fee, advertising fees, listing fees, etc.  Then of course there is a “buyers premium”.  Equally important to many Patek Philippe sellers is that fine auction house conduct auctions only 1 or 2 times per year. That means it can be six months or longer until your Patek Philippe watch is sold and then another month or more until the funds are actually deposited into your account (less their fees). Some people may not mind waiting six months or longer for settlement but we have found that one day is certainly better than many months!  Whether you are selling an old Patek Philippe with a broken band or liquidating an entire Patek Philippe collection will very much like to hear from you.

Combining three generations of experience and knowledge as patek philippe experts with the power of the World Wide Web we are able to not only pay you *top dollar but to do so within one business day after terms are agreed to. This policy has enabled us to satisfy all people thinking… “sell Patek watch”, “sell Patek Philippe” or looking for Patek buyers.

Compared to either a local buyer or an auction house there is really no reason not to try us. Remember as patek philippe experts we not only buy mint Patek Philippe watches with the box and papers but we also buy used Patek Philippe watches we even purchase Patek Philippe movements, parts and old memorabilia as well as broken Patek Philippes.