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Here at Patek buyer you can realize *top dollar for all types of
Patek Philippe watches. We are pre-owned and new in box Patek buyers.

Maybe you are asking yourself… “Where can I sell my Patek Philippe?” Whether you live in Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Kansas City, Saskatoon or Hong Kong we can purchase your Patek Philippe watch at great market value.  Patek Buyer quote form.

As an accredited business, we have developed an intimate knowledge of these wonderful horological masterpieces as well as cultivating a vast pool of Patek Philippe collectors. This all translates to the bottom line for you… a higher yield for your Patek Philippe timepiece, with or without full Patek documentation and presentation materials.  Pristine, gently worn or even broken we are highly interested Patek Philippe buyers.  Our watchmaker is old enough to have vast experience working on and restoring Patek Philippe watches.  He is also young enough to have the endurance and hand dexterity to maneuver through Patek’s wonderfully complex mechanics.  Patek Buyer quote form.

Of course we seek out limited edition complicated Patek watches like the Graves, The Landmark Calibre 89, the Packard and the Duke of Regla however unlike other Patek Philippe buyers we are always seeking to purchase Calatrava, Gondolo, Golden Ellipse, Aquanaut, Nautilus, Twenty 4, as well as the more common Pateks from the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s. We also buy broken Patek Philippe watches and then restore them in Europe and/or in the USA.

If you are wanting to liquidate one Patek Philippe or an entire Patek Philippe collection please CLICK HERE and send us the information on your specific Patek Philippe watch(es). Thank you.

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